At, we want you to be honest about some of your most intimate desires and, as your partner in building a better relationship, we take your privacy and security seriously.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to make sure your experience is as safe and as private as possible:

  • uses SSL security to ensure all your interactions with us are safe.
  • If you’d like, you can complete the Intimate Interests Questionnaire using a fake name and free, anonymous e-mail address such as Gmail or Hushmail — but it needs to be a real address so we can send you your couple’s report.
  • We use Stripe for our online payments. Stripe uses the most sophisticated, secure systems to process billions of dollars a month in online payments from businesses worldwide.
  • The information obtained in the registration process, which requires a credit card or similar payment method, is housed on a different server than responses to the Intimate Interests Questionnaire — meaning any security issues that could compromise your privacy would require the simultaneous breach of two different, secure servers.
  • Your membership/sign-up and any results you record on the Intimate Interests Questionnaire expire after 30 days which means, on day 31, all your survey and membership information is erased from our records.