What is it? What do you do?

We believe sexual, sensual intimacy is important for every couple. We also believe intimacy should be fun, exciting and mutually rewarding — however you experience it, together.

But too often, sexual interests and desires are sidetracked, even repressed, for fear that one partner may judge or disapprove. Too many people think things like:

“I really want to do it but what if she doesn’t?”

“I think about it all the time but I worry he’ll think I’m a pervert or something.”

So rather than risk the consequences of sharing our true interests and desires and out of fear of damaging the relationship, too many people say nothing and remain unfulfilled — feelings which can lead to instability, infidelity or resentment.

Simpatic.US solves this problem and brings couples closer together by allowing each person of the couple – privately and on their own – to find out whether their interests, desires or fetishes are shared by their partner without revealing those interests to anyone – even their partner. We do this though our private, secure 170-question, 800-option questionnaire that tells you and your partner only the interests, ideas and desires you both share. 

If your interest isn’t shared by your partner, it stays with you. No one ever knows the things you don’t both want.

So you’re free to be honest, fear free because, if your partner is interested too, you’ll know. And together, you can explore new areas of mutual, sensual and sexual enjoyment — strengthening your relationship.